Monday, 30 September 2013

WOW Trek - Chunchi Falls And Talakaddu

Trekking seems like addiction. After conquering Shiv Gange with 17 wonderful girls, it was difficult to wait till next trek happens. In between I pinged Ajita and asked her about next trek. She just laughed and promised another fun fulfilled trek to come up soon. And as promised it was more than what we expected. Full on fun.

We booked at 20 seater traveller and everyone started early morning looking forward for a exciting get together and let's rock attitude. Thanks to Shree, first pick up at 5.15 and being on time is really difficult :)
By 7.30 all pickup happened and we left Bangalore. Everyone was hungry and girls were actually sitting quietly when our organizer boarded the cab and yes she was also shocked as you are, unbelievable but true!!!!

Introduction round happened in the bus and by now our poor tummies started crying for breakfast. At last around 9 we found a nice restaurant for breakfast. Everyone attacked!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh!!!!! Looks like heaven once you eat full. Now energy started flowing in and girls could look around. Behind the restaurant, they found even people making silk sarees.  Usually people will have breakfast and rush. But it is really great to wait, look around and appreciate even smallest things around us. That's called exploration :) . Hats off to those girls!!!

So finally we started our leftover journey to Chunchi Falls.

Chunchi Falls is about 90 kms from Bangalore city. From Bangalore you have to go to Kanakapura. From Kanakapura you have to go on Sangama/ Mekedatu road. Before about 10 kms from Sangama you will find a signboard for chunchi falls to go towards left.

So now is the time for fun. Everyone energized, 20 girls sitting together. How can it be quiet, it is supposed to be definitely ROCKING. But looks like driver was fan of Aashiqui2 songs, and everyone started protesting. So we took control of player in cab, and then there was series of Fevicol, lungi dance, sheila ki jawani, chennai express etc. etc. etc.... So we found talented people dancers singers and what not. And ofcourse our rockstars shree(Salman Khan), Shilpa(Sheila) , Usha(Kajraare girl). And soon so many comments, hooting, expressions, thumkaaas and I am short of words now. Its just WOW..WOW.. WOW!!!!

So we reached Chunchi finally. And 20 people team divided into 10 groups of 2 people each. Yes we got our partners for whom we need to take care through out the trek.  So the journey started exploring and enjoying nature. 

Chunchi falls is not crowded, the silence there takes you to another world. The feeling of lying down in a shade, enjoying cool breeze and listening to amazing tickling sound of falling water nearby, feeling is beyond imagination. This silence is hard to find in today hectic world. 

At chunchi you first need to walk for some distance, a bit rocky path and then you come to a view point from where you can see 360 degree view.

And then you start going down, where you find water, fishes and relaxing time.. Yes!! its none other than FISH SPA !!!! Surprised ?? Try it. 

So while admiring beauty, jumping over rocks and giggling we started to our next destination, TALAKADDU. It was little sunny that day, so were actually looking forward to jump into water to get rid of heat. In between we halted for lunch, can't forget my special thanks to Asha and Shalini who brought food from home for all 20 of us. Mind blowing, delicious and appeared like a boon to bachelors like us.

TALAKKADU, Ahhh!!! Can't forget people teaching swimming to each other. Standing in water with only neck outside, WHOAAA!!!!

Few girls enjoyed boat ride.

 And this is our special love to everyone, the holy dip from height :P

 Finally enjoying water activities and non forgettable holy dips :) , it was time to change to dry clothes as it was actually cold if you are outside water in drenched state.

Then time for tea, snacks and reviving time spent till now. Nothing can compare a streaming hot coffee after Talakaddu fun.

It was 4.30 and we started back for Bangalore bundled with rejuvenating experiences, sweet memories dance, music, masti and WOW!!!! factor :) While coming back it started raining, so people were relaxed enjoying beauty and thoughts just travelling through everyone's mind about each moment that day.

Wait!!! You think its end of fun? Not at all. There is more to come. Now, Dumb Charades session. Can't think of how people can act movies like 40 year old virgin. (thinking aloud?? Try it. but hats off, people enacted and also guessed it :). Then our story teller jokes( Shree). Pendulum is cute!!! Don't know how many of agree ;) Shhh!!! our secret!!! Keep guessing those who don't know!!!

Thanks everyone for such a wonderful trip. Ajita, we are looking forward for more fun in future. I am eagerly waiting and I am sure every one is waiting for next WOW trip. Special thanks to Ajita, Kiruba (organizing and guiding us at each step), Shalini and Asha (For delicious food), Shree( stories and jokes), Ritu!!!!(our official photographer), Shilpa(coordinating with everyone and people actually thought she is Ajita :P, also our official dancer) and everyone else who made this trek an amazing trip and participated enthusiastically. Enthusiasm reminds me that Asha got pain in her leg but still she completed full trek. She deserve an applaud for her courage. Well done Asha. WOW!!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Shiv Gange Trek - Can't Stop Saying WOW

Kahte hain  dil se chaho to khuda be milta hai. To yahan to bas aas pass dekhne ki jaroorat thi. I was looking for like minded people who live life to fullest and know how to make best out of life. And see I got it, Yes WOW!!  And there came WOW Trek group with Shiv Gange Trek. I registered immediately for the event. With little doubt and more excitement to join totally unknown group I reached meeting point at 6.40 AM, Majestic. We started our journey with 7 o clock bus to Dabbaspet . Had breakfast and tea after reaching there. Thanks to Ajita and Kiruba for getting nice lunch packed for us. And took auto to cover more 8 km by auto to final reach our destination, base of Shiv Ganga Hills. So trip started with a formal introduction within the group. But girls are girls :) They already got introduced to everyone in bus, at breakfast table and in auto :P 

Ye dil maange more :P God knows kya maang rahe hain :P

This temple is at base of the hill. After Darshan here we all started our trek, with determination to conquer.
So we divided ourselves in 3 groups, experienced trekkers as leading ones, first timers in middle and organizers at end.

We started our trek taking pictures jumping here and there, climbing rocks and yes how can I forget toughest part , stairs :) You need to be sideways for climbing as there is not much space to walk straight.

 Don't worry, railings beside them keep the trek safe :D . 

Well said by Shree, best part about trekking in India is you will find lot of temples on the way.
This trek has number of temples of shiva and nandi statues. People were actually going at hill top to take blessing of Nandi and Shiva bare foot. Hats off to them. 

We reached at top by 1 PM enjoying beautiful nature , as you go up it becomes more steep but you can feel the cool breeze taking away all tiredness and making you feel so fresh. At last amazing 360 degree view from the top. It started drizzling and we felt like we are surrounded by cloud. That feeling is not easy to pen down :)

And also there is a Nandi statue at top, with very little space to stand. But forgetting all that is just one feeling, Yes did it :) and you feel top of world.

Finally feeling satisfied enjoying nature and following religion ofcourse all in one package we found nice place to have lunch. But now fun begins, just had few bites and monkeys came over and we all started and stuffing food inside our bags. Even monkeys like Junk food. Instead of rice, the monkey was interested in Kurkure. I guess monkeys also learnt that they should change themselves according to world. Yup, Shiv Gange trip can't be complete without monkeys. So lesson learnt is just gulp down your food as soon as you take it out from your bag, or else be ready to sacrifice it to monkeys. Yes, they snatch anything they like, mobile phones, cap etc.

Then we started descending at 2PM. Descending was easier and quicker. It just took around one and half hour for us to reach back at hill base. So we rested for a while and started back. Had tea with cookies and chit chat at bus top. Took the bus, slept in bus while standing with open eyes :) and reached Majestic at exactly 6.30 PM. Wow , what a time manegement. So we departed to our homes bidding good bye to new friends and promise to join next WOW trek as well.

Thanks to WOW, BTC, Ajita, Organizers and my fellow trekkers for making this a memorable trip for me. Looking forward for more such trips.